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The Martial Arts Sessions

November 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Martial Arts Sessions

A few weeks ago, I took the first steps towards creating a new photography offering in Calgary that leverages my decades of experience instructing Taekwondo with my unique portraiture style.  As a part of this project, I reached out to some of my martial arts contacts in Alberta and I was connected with a diverse selection of practitioners from a variety of different arts in my area. 

The plan for each session is to highlight an elite or upcoming athlete from a different martial art and then to produce an image with them that they would be proud to hang in their studio. Over the coming weeks and months, I will introduce you to some of these martial artists and share some of the portraits that we create of them showing the art that they love.

Session 1 - Osuna Karate

Our first session happened at the end of October with the instructors from the Osuna Karate Dojo in Cougar Ridge. Sensei Osuna was kind enough to invite me in to set up a studio during their adult class and capture some images of Sensei Plumacher, Sempai Silva and himself for the project. 

Session 2 - Glory Combat Sports Canada

The second session was this week with Anthony and Kathleen from Glory Combat Sports Canada. Both athletes are actively training for upcoming competitions and invited me in to their new facility to shoot with them on one of their training days. 

Interested in shooting with us?

Sessions can be booked for interested individuals or gyms and can be done in our Monterey Park studio or on site at your location. Contact us for a quote at

Why do this project?

This project is important to me because one of my biggest regrets over my years of participating in the martial arts is the lack of quality images that I have of myself training, teaching, competing, testing, breaking and performing demonstrations.  

Don't get me wrong, there are some ok images out there, and some others that have wonderful memories attached—even though they don't stand out as wonderful photographs.  Some were taken by friends and family who were present at various events, and some were from pros that crossed my path. Unfortunately, more often than not, many of the final results lacked the impact of a well-planned and executed martial arts image, as the image maker was not familiar with the activity and/or their own gear thus causing them to miss the shot.  I'm hoping to change that for the people that participate in this project and encourage more people to seek out professional images.

Here are a few of me over the years... A selection of images taken of me over the years.


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