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Fishing in K Country

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Fishing in K-Country

Gone Fishing wall art by McDonald PhotographyGone FishingA pair of fishermen try their luck on the Lower Kananaskis Lake as the sun sets on the Rocky Mountains.

Recently, a friend of mine--who is formerly from the east coast--was looking for a scenic image as a wedding present for a family member from Nova Scotia.  He spent days wandering the city trying to find a unique photograph that showcased the majesty of this region that he now calls home. To my surprise, during his search he didn't once think to ask me if I had any images in my collection that might be a fit for his gift. It took him complaining to me in passing to get the conversation started about photographs that I've created that I could provide as wall art for him.  After a very short discussion he ended up ordering a 16"x24" ready to hang metal print of the above image "Gone Fishing". The finished print arrived earlier this week and it looks amazing. 

Osprey and troutOsprey with troutAn osprey shows off his lunchtime catch on a fishing trip to MacLean Creek So, where did this disconnect come from? How did my friend (who has even fished with me in this very spot) not think of me as a vendor who can provide high quality artwork?  It's got me thinking... Upper Kananaskis LakeUpper Kananaskis LakePaddling on the Upper Lake with the smoke from BC forest fires thick in the air. I know, I know. I market myself as a portrait photographer not a nature photographer, and the majority of the work I share online is conceptual and/or body art related. I focus the most effort on the portraiture market as I love working with people and it is the business I have chosen to attract; but I do in fact enjoy shooting images out of the studio. I have had some great successes shooting landscape and wildlife images and I have an Accreditation from the Professional Photographers of Canada in Animals.  Who knew? 

Bear NecessitiesBear Necessities A mama Grizzly Bear searches for food in a clearing near the Kananaskis Lakes I suppose I should get better at marketing these images as I'd love to have more of them hanging in peoples living rooms or at their offices...or maybe I need to get out and shoot more of them (and actually get some use out of my Parks Canada pass). I'm thinking I'd like to start doing both more.

Anyway, just some random thoughts and a few cool nature images. Want a print for yourself? Click on the images to order.  




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