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Kidston Island LighthouseKidston Island LighthouseAn image shot at dawn in Baddeck, NS of the Kidston Island Lighthouse in their harbour.

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising is one of the strongest ways for a business to spread the word on its services and it allows a direct connection to form between a potential client and the services that they need. 

We always ask new clients how they heard of us and why they chose us over the other photographers in the Calgary area. More often than not, they tell us that a friend had a great experience with our services, or an acquaintance of theirs has worked with us in the past and recommended us to them.

I was reminded of this again last night when my friend Shane phoned and told me about one of his clients who had a photographer threaten to cancel at the last minute for a session that was scheduled for today. After a brief chat with me, he reached out to her and passed my details along.  The client then contacted me and I was able to help her work through the problem and provide a solution in the event the cancellation actually occurred. Fortunately, her original photographer came through in the end, but it was a great opportunity for me to connect with a potential client in the fitness industry--that I did not know before--and to let her see first-hand how we take care of our clients and convey what we had to offer. 

With this in mind, I would like to do a shout-out to some of the businesses that I am directly connected with and that I trust to provide their services in a consistent and professional manner.

If you are in need any of the following services and you would like a personal introduction, please let me know and I will happily connect you with them.

Accountant - Nasir Abbas - Jazba Corp    

Bookkeeper - Leanne Lynk - Premium Bookkeeping    

Business Coach - Mark Taylor - Marmor Group    

Chiropractor – Dr. Chris Green - Calgary Centre for Health    

Cleaning Services - Devin Flewell - NoSpot Cleaning Solutions    

Commercial Electrician - Joe Zombori - The Electrical Connection    

Costuming and Theatrical Supplies - Don’s Hobby Shop -

Graphic Design - Sheryl Anderson - Graphic Alchemy    

Health & Wellness Services - Susan Hoy - Culinary Skills & Nutrition    

Home & Auto Insurance - Jessica Lovas - Lundgren & Young Insurance  

Home Renovations - Darryl Einarson - BuildIt Custom Contracting

HVAC - David Lanciault - Lancelot Furnace Ltd.    

Insurance Broker - Lea Basawa - Investors Group    

Investment Advisor - Steve Preece - Edward Jones   

IT Services - Paul Konyk - Simply iKonyk Solutions Inc.    

Life Coach - Jos Willard - Jos Willard Coaching    

Makeup Products – Shane Vegelis – Backstage Cosmetics

Marketing Services - Trina Lo - FreshInk Communications    

Mechanic – Broken Axle

Mobile Fitness Trainer - Jason Yaholkoski - Fitness On The Go    

Moving & Storage - Scott Herzog - We R Movers    

Naturopathic Doctor - Kim Gowetor - Effective Health Solutions    

Painter - AJ Lutfulla - Parsa Painting    

Photographer    Me (of course)...but I can connect you with some amazing people that shoot different things than I do too...

Printer - Wade Novak - The UPS Store

Recruiter - Lloyd Hamshaw - REAL Recruitment    

Residential Mortgage Broker - Susan Ashton - Ashton Mortgage Solutions    

Residential Realtor - Wendy Kelman - Coldwell Banker    

Storage Organization - Sharon Cohen - Stor-X Organizing Systems    

Tire Service - Elizabeth MacRae - GoTire Mobile Tire Service

Web Design - Jamie Easton - Easton New Media Inc.    


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